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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Web-Based Software Defined Radio

Well it's been a crazy quarter... super busy and just making me crave summer more and more! Onto what I want to talk about now! I was informed of an online web based Software Defined Radio for anyone to use. It allows multiple users of the radio on different frequencies which an uncommon ability for online radios.

The radio is located is located at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. It allows anyone to monitor a portion of the 40 meter and 80 meter amateur radio bands. You can use it to monitor morse code conversation, PSK31, other digital modes, and SSB. It is a very fun project to use and makes me want to finally experiment with software defined radio this summer! Follow the link to access the web-based receiver!




Saturday, April 19, 2008

Busy Spring Quarter, Sprint Racing With RIT Crew

So the spring quarter is insane with the sprint season for RIT Crew. I am really trying to keep my grades up and row. Most of my weekends are gone, traveling for races so the time to do homework has shrunk even more! In addition to the craziness, the Engineering House (NRH 8) sprinklers went off, flooding my floor. I've been really behind in my work because of it, but I am slowly catching up. Thats why I haven't been updating the blog recently.

So right now I am in Worcester, MA for the weekend at a hotel. I am racing WPI, RPI, and Tufts University on Sunday morning in a 2000M Sprint on Lake Quinsigamong. It's great to be near my hometown, Massachusetts is awesome and I can't wait to relax over the summer!