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Monday, December 24, 2007

I am finally on winter break, what a crazy three weeks... it does not feel like Christmas at all! I've been worked up until now and had no time to get in that xmass mood! The third week was absolutely insane... I had testing in classes as well as Crew. A test in microeconomics, physics, and calculus plus all the homework due for those classes. For RIT crew we had our four day test series consisting of a ten second piece and 6000 Meter test (6k race) on Monday, 2000M (2K race) on Tuesday, 60-second test Wednesday, and the lovely "Hour of Power" 60 minute race on Thursday. Fitting that in with all the other work was comparable if not surpassing the stress of Finals week first quarter.

The ride home was pretty good. Drove two friends back so we had great conversations as well as it helped with the gas money haha. It normally takes me about 6-7 hours to get home from RIT but just before Albany on a Thruway service station we had a McDonald's "Incident". Somehow McDonald's forgot my friends Chicken Fillet order and it took about 45 minutes to make a simple sandwich...we were there for an hour and a half!... so in the end it was about an 8 hour trip!

Being home is great, but I'm slowly trying to relax because I am still stressed out! I decided to play around with Ubuntu a little, get GNOME to be a little more personalized. I am not a Linux geek but I enjoy the open-source idea and the challenge.

I tweaked GNOME to have some Mac OS X features like the App Dock (I used Avant Window Navigator) and the themes for OS X. However, I did not use all the OS X changes and kept it with the original Ubuntu feeling versus a total OS X feeling to the computer.

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