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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CollegeARC Reaches 1 Month Mark

Well the College Amateur Radio Club Association is one month old! We have learned a lot about starting a community, it's been one heck of a ride to say the least. Slowly but surely the website is taking form and people are signing up. We now have roughly 47 users and a core group of people who are on almost daily. CollegeARC receives about 100 unique IP address visitors and roughly 400 page views daily. Not bad for the first month.

Recently the featured article list was updated to a MUCH better looking let alone the improvement in usability. One problem that has absolutely been a pain to try and fix is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Using the core Joomla 1.5 SEO with the Search Engine Friendly (SEF) links causes the user to not be able to login or logout (if already logged in when activated). I have the .htaccess file modified and played around with commenting the RewrightBase / line. Any suggestions would be VERY VERY VERY appreciated.

Bryce Salmi KB1LQC


  1. What happened mate, why did you stop posting?

  2. Yes, where did you go? Was all about to say congrats on the 1 month mark till I realized that post was a year and a half old and you haven't posted anything since? Come back!

  3. Dave, I've put all of my attention into my schoolwork being a 4th year EE at RIT at this point and my responsibilities at the Vice President of K2GXT. The rest my time that I devote to this stuff is put into rather than this blog. We are quickly approaching 2 years of being an organization. Feel free to contact me if you like at if you are interested in anything about the organization and ham radio.