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Friday, July 24, 2009

40 Meter Pile-Up K2GXT

I operated K2GXT remotely through Ham Radio Deluxe to control the radio and Skype to pass the audio last night on July 23, 2009 starting around 7:30pm on 40 meters (7MHz). The station uses a Kenwood TS-2000 running about 100 watts into an off center fed dipole on top of the Student Alumni Union. More information about the club station and remote setup can be found at Brent's, KB1LQD, article Remote Controlled TS-2000.

I only planned on operating for 30 minutes or so but a huge pile-up formed on me while operating on 7.188 MHz. I ended up operating for about 2 hours and made 41 contacts as K2GXT the Rochester Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club. I did not treat it as a contest and made a nice several minute conversation with each contact. The pile-up really tested the remote link and how it performed as well as my HF skills!

The log can be viewed online at this log analysis.

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